Social Engagement

Your objectives for this module are:

Together We Elevate is successful when we as a collective group all do our part to support the elevation of each other in business. We also understand that time is a valuable resource, and we want to honor your time, as well as support each other get the most of our the time we have.

Follow the Win-Win-Win Methodology.

The Win-Win-Win Method is when all three parties gain something. The first win is for you as the business owner. Make sure you are getting value and a benefit for you. This could be the simple win of if you help someone else out, they will do the same for you and thus you both increase your visibility, reach, and engagement. The second win is for the other person in Together We Elevate. Again, you promoting for them, they are getting more visbility in what they offer. The final win is for the people who YOU SERVE. This is important becuase you want to be adding value to your clients and prospects so they continue to do work with you. If promoting/sharing for another person does not bring value for your people, then consider to hold off promoting, you are missing 1/3 of the vital wins in the WIn-Win-Win Methodology. You can also think of this method as the Give- Get- Gain. ‘Give’ first with a service mind and heart, ‘Get’ others to notice and engage with you for how you showed up for them, and ‘Gain’ those people are part of your tusted alliance to promote you.

How to get the most of our social engagement 

If you can spend a minimum of 10 minutes (ideally 20) per week, we can collectively increase each of social engement by supporting each other.

Increase social engagement, proof, and reach: 

  • Go to the Facebook group (button on the bottom of this page) and scan through the posts and send some love (like/share/ comment on links) from your fellow partnerships looking for some support. The posts to look for will have a branded image with the day (Monday, Wedesday, or Friday on them). If you come on Tuesday to post, go ahead and add your link to the Monday post :-).
  • Post your link that you want some love sent to as well. (If you don’t know how to find the specific link to add to the facebook thread for engagement, see the training below).
  • You can post no more than 2 posts per day/ max of four posts per week on the assigned thread. Note- if you are launching that week, you can post additional posts, but make sure you note this is tied to a launch. Example- on your post say *** LAUNCH***, then your message.
  • You can also include links if you want more followers and connections inside the same thread.

Below is an example of one of our daily posts. Please only post what you want shared on these threads. Anything else will be removed.

Here is a short video showing how to add a link for social sharing, engagement, and love for Facebook

If you share with others about the Win-Win-Win Method, please give credit to Mellissa Rempfer. This is also one of her core speaking topics. Copyright © 2018 Giving Excellence®. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use.