Here are various options for video for your business:

Animoto– This service has pre-made templates to create videos that you can use for marketing. They are offering a special for 14 days free to try for free. Animoto’s offers a fast and easy way to make videos that’ll grow your business. Create videos in minutes with their online video editor, so you can increase sales with video ads and promotions, create marketing videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and improve brand awareness with powerful professional videos. No video editing experience required.

Here is an example of a video I created for a workshop with Animoto.

Ecamm Live– Ecamm Live is a Mac app with a one-time fee and free lifetime updates. Just like the good old days.Stream in HD quality with one click, using any connected mic and capture device, including your Canon DSLR. And when your broadcast is done, you’ll find a high-quality recording has already been saved on your Mac. What is also nice about ECamm Live is you can stream onto Facebook Live, export the video for other platforms like Youtube and your website. You can have multiple people, branding, and comments from viewers. Plus the price is only $39.95! No monthly payments, just $39.95.

Here is an example of a screen shot of ECamm Live in action and the people hosting the show grabbed one of my comments. (Hint hint hint, if you can grab one of your clients/fans/viewers comment onto the screen, they can take a screen shot and share it on social media 🙂